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Single + Metal Stand

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3 Pack

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(Gray, Pink, Burgundy)

3 Pack + 3 Metal Stands

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(Gray, Pink, Burgundy)

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Etsy Reviews

  • by Penuchi on 11/10/2015

    "This is exactly what I was looking for. At first I was a little disappointed the the hook is plastic rather than metal (which is how it looks in the picture) HOWEVER these folks know what they're doing and plastic was totally the way to go! It still feels solid and the magnets hold really well, the plastic hook enables you push your ring onto the hook without scratching and then your ring in held in because of the tightness of the top of the hook so even if something crazy happened and the magnet got knocked off the fridge the ring wouldstill be in the hook and therefore less likely to end up somewhere it couldn't come back from (in my opinion). All in all I am thrilled that someone created exactly the solution I was picturing in my head, and at a super price! I bought 3 to have spares or give as gifts because it was such a deal."

  • by Ursula on 04/16/2015

    "Such a unique item. I'll never misplace my rings again. Completely happy with purchase."

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      The Blingnet is available on Etsy! We are excited to announce that the Blingnet wedding ring holder is available for purchase on Etsy! We are offering the Blingnet in six different colors. You can choose between Black, White, Gray, Red, Blue, or Purple. Individually, we have the Blingnet priced at $5.99 and that’s including shipping! […]
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The Blingnet

A Magnet for your Bling!

While you cook, clean, or do your workout routine, the Blingnet was made to protect your wedding ring & engagement ring from loss or damage. Use it in the kitchen, bathroom, or at the gym; it magnetizes to fridges, medicine cabinets, and lockers! You can even use it so that you never forget where you put your car keys again. Purchase a single or a 3 pack today!

We have 5 stars, based on 2 reviews on Etsy!

Wedding Ring Holder

Car Key Holder

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